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Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne
Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne ppa.
Heads of logistics planning
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Wide- or narrow-aisle warehouse? AGV or manual material transport? Automation or conventional solution? Special or standard containers?


Numerous questions arise during the planning of the appropriate logistics concept. LOGSOL supports companies with the right expertise and develops customized logistics solutions. Besides proven testing methods and innovative techniques, LOGSOL’s own planning tools are also used here:

  • The Warehouse Planning Tool for lean dimensioning of the appropriate warehouse concept
  • The Logistics Matrix for reliable cost calculation of stocks etc.
  • The Business Case Tool to identify the most economical solution, e.g. regarding the degree of automation
  • The cloud solution RoutMan® for fast planning of transport concepts, e.g. tugger train planning
  • The Ergo Tool to design of a healthy work environment, among others with regard to ergonomic withdrawal of material

The main priority in every project is the client’s goal, starting from the first analysis workshop through the entire planning process up to the successful implementation. Here, LOGSOL assumes all project management tasks, tendering topics, and implementation support.

Workshop - Logistikplanung Erster Analyseworkshop 


Inwieweit ist externe Unterstützung im Logistikprojekt sinnvoll?



  • Gemeinschaftliche Schaffung der Projektgrundlage
  • Betrachtung logistischer Herausforderungen, unternehmerischer Entwicklungen und Ziele
  • Überprüfung von Potentialen für ein Projekt
  • Festlegung der Arbeitspakete, Zielstellungen und Meilensteine



LOGSOL provides the customer with an elaborated roadmap before the logistics project starts. With this basis, an informed decision on further cooperation can be made and chances of success can be assessed realistically



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Analyse Analysis

  • Preparation of figures, data, and facts
  • Development of a holistic understanding of the process
  • Identification of weak spots
  • Generation of a consistent database
  • Development of further planning steps

Planung - Logistikplanung Planning

  • Development of possible solutions – different combinations of the process, layout, material flow, and technology
  • Assessment of economic efficiency, and quality

Simulation Simulation

  • Check, refine, and optimize the planned preferred variant with special dynamic influences with the help of a simulation study

Die Implementierung Implementation

  • Coordinate the result of the detailed planning with the different subsections or sectors of the customer
  • Assistance in implementation, relocation, and launch
  • Process stabilization