Dynamic factory planning

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Dynamic factory planning

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Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne
Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne ppa.
Heads of logistics planning
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New and expansion planning of factories using modern design and 3D software 

LOGSOL plans, optimises, assesses and visualises factories using advanced planning software, such as visTABLE®touch. A comprehensive model library allows various standard solutions for shelves, roller conveyor systems or manufacturing cells to be presented synchronously in 2D and 3D in the software. LOGSOL also implements unique and new design and layout models using modern tools such as SolidWorks®, AutoCAD® and Microstation®. These CAD programs enable three-dimensional mapping of relevant machines, operating materials and building structures.

LOGSOL expertise

Plant structure planning

Determination of all material flows

Determination of the manufacturing structure using material-flow relationships


Surface and capacity planning

Flow-orientated layout planning

Transfer from rough to detailed layouts

Arrangement of machines, systems and functional surfaces

Coordination with neighbouring trades


Process planning

Assembly system planning

e.g. employment planning and assembly supply

Planning of buffer, supermarket and pre-storage surfaces

Development of loading equipment concepts

Specifications, coordination of prototyping and implementation, etc.


Ergonomic workplace design

Route optimisation

e.g. factory with few forklift trucks


Collision test

3D visualisation and modelling