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Lean Management

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Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne
Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne ppa.
Heads of logistics planning
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Customer: costs, time, quality. Main Target: avoiding wastage. line-back planning principle

Designing holistically value-creating processes without wastage

Minimising wastage and keeping costs low while maintaining high customer orientation. When companies work according to the principles of lean management, a so-called “lean culture” is often spoken of. This is because, in addition to the actual optimisation of all processes, the employees must also be trained systematically. Lean management never stands still. Rather, it focuses on continuous improvement (Kaizen), combined with the constant awareness of possible weaknesses. LOGSOL discovers cost drivers or bottlenecks in production reliably by means of a value-flow analysis and gears the processes consistently towards takt time. The uppermost objective is conversion to streamlined production by means of flowing processes with short cycle times. Thus, customers benefit from high-quality products and maximum delivery reliability.

LOGSOL expertise

  • Operational excellence
  • Implementation of methods for optimisation (e.g. 5S, Kaizen, Kanban control loops, value flow design)
  • Revealing cost drivers or bottlenecks by means of value-flow analysis
  • Consistent alignment of all processes towards takt time
  • Detecting and avoiding risks by means of FMEA
  • Avoiding wastage in: transportation · stocks · movements · waiting times · overproduction · processes/technologies · errors/reworking