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We combine proven research methods with practice-oriented concepts and innovative ways of thinking. LOGSOL takes over the complete planning of layout and material flow as well as storage and transportation technology for you. We guide you from the initial idea through the various planning phases to the stable implementation of the process.


Layout planning

  • Logistical functional concept: Identification of necessary spaces and their functions
  • Facility structure: Planning of superordinate building structures and traffic areas
  • Dimensioning:Calculation of storage zones and process areas for various equipment options
  • Layout:Material flow-oriented arrangement and visualization of spaces
Factory male worker in plant production drilling at metal machine in industrial factory.

Process design

  • Process planning: Analysis of existing processes and modeling of ideal target processes
  • Integration of the information flow: Synchronizing process requirements with information flow
  • Operator concept: Calculation of employee requirements and derivation of further parameters for the company (e.g. team structures, shift models)

Material flow planning

  • Technology selection: Determining the optimum degree of automation based on the process requirements
  • Storage and transportation technology: Planning of storage and transport systems incl. equipment
  • Workplace design: Design of ergonomic workstations, human-machine interaction


  • The right system: LOGSOL plans a customized system for you that takes into account your specific operational processes and goals
  • AutoStore™ planning expertise: As your experienced partner, we always keep an eye on timelines and costs during AutoStore™ planning
  • Holistic planning: We not only plan the AutoStore system, but also the seamless integration with existing or new warehouse systems and business processes



Lean management

  • Analysis of the initial situation with a focus on waste
  • Uncovering cost drivers/bottlenecks through value stream mapping
  • Consistent alignment of all processes to the customer cycle
  • Identifying and preventing risks by means of FMEA
  • Eliminating the causes of identified waste
  • Developing standardization measures in order to sustainably secure what has been achieved
  • Creation of practical, value-adding processes without waste

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM®)

LOGSOL uses the MTM® method to describe and evaluate processes in operational logistics. In a specially developed tool, variable parameters can be used to depict a wide range of scenarios and to describe and evaluate various processes. This facilitates not only the evaluation of individual processes, but also the derivation of employee deployment plans. The creation of workplace instructions and a rough screening with regard to ergonomics are also possible on this basis.


Process analysis

  • Recording of real or planned processes
  • Splitting processes into activities and basic movements
  • Working out influencing factors

Time allocation

  • Assignment of codes to each basic process and determination of time units
  • Parameterization of the process to represent different scenarios
  • Calculation of individual/total times


  • Clear timing of real or planned processes
  • Analysis of employee utilization
  • Starting point for planning, optimization, cost controls, etc.

Construction of containers

The correct selection, allocation, and filling of load carriers offers great savings potential within the entire logistics chain. The load carriers have an influence on the dimensioning of material stocks, material flows, and the number of logistics resources. From planning and tendering through to commissioning, LOGSOL’s planning professionals will support you in developing a solution tailored to your needs.

The aim is to develop ergonomic and needs-based loading carrier concepts and to increase the ratio of product to packaging volume. This reduces container and logistics costs.

A high level of sustainability is just as important as technology transfer across all sectors. LOGSOL offers innovation and creative workshops to find the appropriate development platform.

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Our additional services


If planned logistics solutions are particularly subject to dynamic influences or are very complex, analytical methods quickly reach their limits. Our team of experts will be happy to help you.

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Digital transformation

We support you in the introduction of new technologies, automation of processes, introduction of big data and artificial intelligence, and the use of new digital products and services.

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Automated intralogistics

With our expertise, we help you to make your logistics processes more efficient and cost-effective. We support you in the selection process and find the system that best suits your requirements – vendor-neutral and technology-neutral.

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LOGSOL provides full support during implementation. In addition to project management, specification, and procurement of equipment, our portfolio also includes installation supervision, training, and hypercare.

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