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Business Case - Making the right decisions, but how?

**LOGSOL develops own business case tool**

We have to make decisions in almost all of our projects. During the planning phase in particular, it is important to compare different variants, scenarios or technical solutions and to make a well-founded recommendation regarding the preferred solution.


But how can a correct decision be made?

Even if we believe that the decision we make is competent, independent and based on common sense, there are various factors that can imperceptibly influence our decision process. For this reason, in addition to a qualitative assessment, there should always be a quantitative evaluation based on key figures that are universally valid. In order to support this process, LOGSOL has developed its own Business Case Tool that reproduces the popular static and dynamic profitability models.


The standardized full cost models are often limited, especially in the field of logistics, since profits cannot be compared (with benefits remaining unchanged). This is why the LOGSOL Business Case Tool also employs the method of lost incremental costs and can thereby balance different investment decisions against each other.


The tool can calculate a range of different scenarios of varying complexity, from a change in warehouse technology to the construction of a new logistics center. Here, it is irrelevant whether an existing state must be adapted or a completely new scenario has to be taken into consideration.


Project success with individual business case

The decisive factor for the success of a project consists of always developing the right Business Case for the individual client. In this process, the influencing parameters must be defined in such a way so that they are structured comprehensibly and the level of detail must be adapted precisely to project requirements.


The Business Case Tool has assisted us successfully in making investment decisions in many projects over the years. It has established itself as a standard tool in planning projects and is regularly a subject of training courses and further developed internally. Our clients benefit especially from the standardized and speedy procedure and the transparent presentation of results.



Are you interested in a business case? Our logistics planning division managers, ppa. Michael Borowski and ppa. Martin Schöne, are looking forward to a non-binding initial meeting with you.



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