Employee development: start-of-year training 2018

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Employee development: start-of-year training 2018

Conflict competence in an innovative working environment and current developments in logistics Banner for annual training

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This question first caused confusion among all the attendees of the conflict coaching at LOGSOL’s start-of-year training 2018. When they hear “I, you, he, she, it, etc.” most people probably think of personal pronouns and perhaps, at the same time, even remember the occasional “conflict” in school lessons. So it is a good thing that grammar does not play any major role in the I-you/I-it model. Instead it has to do with personal relationship preferences and how these affect communication. For example, “I-you people” regard an intact interpersonal relationship as the basis for good cooperation: “We are getting on with each other, so let us consider what we can achieve together.” I-it people on the other hand act rationally, in the interests of their objective: “Your abilities are useful for my objective, so let us tackle this project together.” While one type first wants to work on the relationship, the fact-oriented person gets straight to the point. This is bound to lead to misunderstandings. By learning to judge oneself and others realistically and to have a better understanding of the standpoint of one’s counterpart, conflicts arising from these differences are avoided. The different dialogue models here are of course not to be regarded as a sweeping solution, but instead as an aid. It is in any case rather unusual for a person to be an extreme example of either of these two types.


As well as the promotion of soft skills, technical further training also forms an important pillar of the start-of-year training. Current tasks in logistics projects have increasingly to do with digitalisation and technical innovations in the context of Industry 4.0. Nuts-and-bolts training modules bring the employees up to date. The technical training sessions this year dealt with, among other things, “Integration of ERP systems in logistics (enterprise resource planning)” and “Automation in logistics using automated guided vehicles as an example”. In addition to the big start-of-year training LOGSOL regularly holds department-specific skills days and innovation workshops. Knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences, and the promotion of ideas are significant here.


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