From planning to go live: This is how a warehouse is created on the other side of the world

News and dates From planning to go live: This is how a warehouse is created on the other side of the world

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From planning to go live: This is how a warehouse is created on the other side of the world

**LOGSOL supports planning and implementation of a new spare parts warehouse in Argentina**


Our projects at LOGSOL have become increasingly international in recent years. Since 2018, we can also report our first planning project in South America. In the last two years, we accompanied the exciting development of a new spare parts warehouse near Argentina's capital Buenos Aires. On a total area of 55,000 m², the three existing warehouses were merged to reduce logistics costs as well as to enable more efficient handling.


Our logistics planners supported the project management and also provided advice on technical issues with their specialist expertise.



But what exactly did our support look like?

The focus of our planning activities was the development of the warehouse concept. This included the analysis of the inventory situation of the three warehouses to be consolidated. The result was a consistent quantity structure, which in turn formed the basis for the subsequent concept planning. After successful planning of the new warehouse - with a capacity of about 21,000 pallet and 68,000 small parts storage locations - LOGSOL supported the realization. Initially, interface issues had to be coordinated with the construction department, such as the specification of the hall floor or fire protection. At the same time we started with the procurement of the warehouse equipment. The basis for this was provided by comprehensive tender documents and standardized price sheets. After the (technical) bidder discussions LOGSOL drafted a detailed award proposal. Furthermore, we were involved in the preparation of the relocation concept. The extensive transport of all materials to the new central warehouse, could only be realized with 1,150 truck loads.


As implementation planning began, the proportion of on-site support also increased. LOGSOL regularly traveled to Argentina not only for bidder discussions, but also for internal workshops.


In the project phase, the implementation support, we checked whether racks, industrial trucks, sprinklers and lighting had been delivered and installed on time - so that nothing stood in the way of the go-live date.


Parallel to this, support was provided for the ramp-up, whereby the relocation reporting of the warehouses was carried out. Backlogs were identified and measures taken on the basis of target-actual analyses. In addition, a master data parameterization was carried out on the system side. The start-up of the processes was compared with the developed warehouse strategy and countermeasures were taken if necessary. Unexpected problems during ramp-up were identified and appropriate solutions were generated. Despite the interruption due to the pandemic, the project was successfully completed.


We wish all the best for the start of the new warehouse in Argentina.

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