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LOGSOL Managing Director interviewed by BVL LOG.letter

**3 Questions for LOGSOL Managing Director, Uwe Wenzel**.


Since the beginning of the year, our managing director, Uwe Wenzel, has been the deputy spokesman of the BVL Regional Group Saxony. In an interview, he answered BVL LOG.letter's questions on various topics:


BVL: You were elected to the spokesperson team of the Saxony regional group last year. What is it like to start in an honorary position under Corona conditions?

Uwe Wenzel: I was very pleased that the regional BVLers put their trust in me and elected me to the spokesman team of the Saxony regional group. Logsol GmbH has been a member of BVL for many years. During this time, both my colleagues and I have participated in numerous interesting BVL events. That I can now actively contribute and realize event ideas myself is a great honor. The timing is, of course, an exciting experience. Especially in logistics, we benefit from personal impressions and vivid examples. Therefore, "online" is a possible way, but often not as sustainable as "Gemba". That is why we are very happy about the current developments and the possibilities they offer. We already had the first event with personal contact here in Saxony.


BVL: That was at the end of June at Weck+Poller Holding GmbH. What was it about and what was it like to finally be able to exchange ideas in person?

Uwe Wenzel: The event was entitled "My new mobile robot - ready for action within an hour". In the new warehouse of Weck+Poller in Ottendorf-Okrilla, the company Omron Electronics GmbH presented the autonomous and mobile robot "LD-60/90". In compliance with the hygiene regulations in force at the time, we were able to welcome 15 participants live on site, and that was an extremely pleasant feeling. And for the guests it was certainly a highlight to be allowed to operate the robot themselves. It is truly amazing how quickly you can free such an intelligent helper from the box and entrust it with initial tasks in simple steps.


BVL: The Corona situation in Saxony and also in the neighboring Czech Republic has eased. In June, travel restrictions were lifted. How is this reflected in the logistics processes?

Uwe Wenzel: Compared to the lockdown, there is of course a great sense of relief. From warehouse employees to truck drivers to logistics managers, everyone can focus on their tasks again. Depending on the logistics specialization, the past held everything from the highest demands in the medical environment to complete standstill in event logistics. The travel restrictions, which have now been relaxed, once again provide more room for maneuver. We therefore hope that the pandemic response measures will continue to bear fruit.



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