LOGSOL Runs: donation project with the "Haus der Kinder" in Pirna

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LOGSOL Runs: donation project with the "Haus der Kinder" in Pirna

LOGSOL takes over the birthday sponsorship of the children at the "Haus der Kinder" in 2021


In September 2020 we launched our sporty project "LOGSOL Runs": Our colleagues are called upon to collect as many active hours as possible for one year. The goal here is to convert the collected hours into a donation amount and donate it to a good cause. In addition, we would like to awaken the sporting ambition of the LOGSOLers and encourage them to exercise more. The detailed report about our project can be found here.


But for whom do our colleagues actually exercise so diligently?


For our fundraising campaign LOGSOL has thought of a very special project: In 2021 we will take over the birthday sponsorships of the home and day children in the "Haus der Kinder". The children's home is a facility of the Diakonie-Pirna. Here, children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18, who for various reasons cannot live with their families, find a home. In addition to stationary forms of living, the children's home offers further services in the area of help for upbringing. The home cares for a total of 36 children, 28 of whom live in the facility and 8 of whom receive daily care in an on-site day group. The children's home focuses on returning the children to their families, and they also work intensively with the parents.

More information can be found on the website: https://www.diakonie-pirna.de/kinder-jugend-familie/hilfen-zur-erziehung/haus-der-kinder/.


For the birthday sponsorship 2021 we donate a total amount of 4.600,- €. The donation amount is made up of the hours collected so far by our colleagues and an additional amount that we contribute because of the commitment of the LOSGOLers and the good cause. Each child receives the same amount from us for their birthday. The reference teachers take care of the selection and procurement of the gifts, which the children can choose beforehand according to their needs. If the birthday sum is not used up completely, the remaining amount is paid into the kids' respective piggy banks. We would like to thank our colleagues for this great sporting effort so far!


But that was not all: Our project will continue for another 8 months. All active hours during this period will additionally be converted into a donation amount at the end of the project.


We are looking forward to working with the "Haus der Kinder" and bringing a smile to the children's faces. Directly on 01.01.2021 the project started: The first child celebrated his 11th birthday and got 2 Lego building sets as a present.



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