LOGSOL Runs fundraising campaign: Insights into the "House of Children

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LOGSOL Runs fundraising campaign: Insights into the "House of Children

Since the beginning of the year, as part of our "LOGSOL Run" project, we have taken over the birthday sponsorships for all children from the "Haus der Kinder" (HdK) for 2021.


In our articles we always talk about the children's home in Pirna. But how does it actually look like in the "Haus der Kinder"? How long has the children's home been in existence?


The "Haus der Kinder" has been a children's home since 01.08.1949 and has belonged to the Diakonie since 01.01.1999. Here, children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 find a home who, for various reasons, cannot live with their families. The special feature of the "Haus der Kinder" is the focus on returning the children to their parents' home. For this reason, there is a parent specialist service that works together with the parents. For urgent emergencies, the children's home can temporarily take in up to five children as in-custody. The youngest children are cared for by trained families during the time they are taken into custody - the so-called family standby care as a special form of custody.



The "Haus der Kinder" offers space for 34 children. 21 kids live in the children's home and 8 more belong to the day group. There they are looked after during the day and go home again in the evening. In addition, the Diakonie Pirna, as a further stationary facility, owns the Trauma Pedagogical Living Group, in which a total of 7 children live. The Trauma-WG belonged to the HdK as a former "external residential group", but has been largely independent since 2018 with the more specific orientation "trauma pedagogy" and the children are cared for in another house. The goal of the Trauma-WG is to guide and accompany the children and adolescents in dealing with traumatic experiences.


The children's home consists of two buildings: in the main house, 18 children aged 6 - 17 currently live on a total of 3 floors. On the first floor the day group is cared for. Each floor has lovingly furnished common rooms as well as a kitchen where the educators can prepare meals together with their charges. Depending on the season, the house is decorated - currently the rooms are decorated with pretty Easter decorations. The children live alone or in pairs in a room, which are furnished with personal belongings.




In the adjacent building there is an independent living community - here young people between 16 and 18 years of age find a home. In the WG, the children are to be prepared for moving out at the age of 18 and to acquire a certain independence.


"Some of the rooms, but also the bathrooms are in need of renovation. Some of the furniture is more than 20 years old and needs to be replaced - every year we try to renovate the rooms piece by piece with our budget and donations. The children should feel at home here and consider the facility their home," says Ms. Dittrich, Divisional Director of HDK. She has been the director of the children's home in Pirna since 2020 and, together with her colleagues, devotedly cares for the needs of the children.




We are very pleased that the "Haus der Kinder" is our donation partner for 2021 and look forward to our continued joint cooperation.

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