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Quality vs. Quantity

LOGSOL evaluates suppliers


In this age of ever increasing complexity in supply chains, the automotive industry is constantly facing new challenges with regard to the number of suppliers and their geographical location. At the same time, clients expect large quantities of high-quality products delivered within a short time. In order to do justice to all these factors and to avoid potential problems, our clients are increasingly dependent on the efficiency of their suppliers.


In order to support clients, especially in the preliminary stages of new projects, LOGSOL has developed and implemented a concept to audit suppliers with a focus on the logistics areas within the scope of a project this year in collaboration with a client from the automotive industry.


During development, the focus was on maximum efficiency in carrying out a supplier audit and monitoring its results. With a view to building up the necessary internal competencies, the LOGSOL GmbH employees were given professional training on the topic of supplier auditing by TÜV Rheinland at the beginning of 2019 and subsequently prepared for special client requirements.



The goal of these supplier audits, which have been carried out for almost a year now, is to identify problems in the supply chain in collaboration with the supplier as early as at the start of the project and to remedy the problem jointly in order to prevent more serious problems in everyday series production. Colleagues from England to Tunisia, from Spain to Turkey and many other locations are unstintingly dedicated to this cause and always equipped with a catalog of over 200 logistics-relevant questions, open ears and observant eyes.


Seven different subject areas are scrutinized in detail, starting with the handling of delivery call-offs through the planning of production capacities and physical logistics processes in the plant up to strategies for emergency management. This ensures that our clients are supplied on time and efficiently by their suppliers.


The resulting findings are evaluated after the supplier audit and incorporated into the overall result and a final report. This report is shared with our client and the audited company along with a list of critical deviations. Relevant solutions and an appropriate timeline are defined in cooperation with the supplier in order to remedy the detected deviations promptly. In addition to carrying out the supplier audit, LOGSOL is also involved in monitoring unresolved issues and, if necessary, conducts another visit to the supplier to review corrective measures. This has enabled LOGSOL to avert problems in good time in the past year and will enable it to continue to do so in the future before these problems lead to serious risks in the series production process at the client's plant.

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