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TEAMS instead of lecture halls

**LOGSOL at the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management**


The motto of further education in times of Corona is: Online. The presence seminars that normally take place are currently not possible. For this reason, further education is now increasingly shifting - e-learning, online lectures and other web-based forms of learning are now on the agenda.


On 13 May 2020 the time had come again - the LOGSOL guest lecture "logistics - basics & trends in e-commerce" by our head of logistics planning Michael Borowski, entered the next round at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. But this time it was different: No students and no lecture hall - but a TEAMS meeting, many small screens showing the students and lecture notes that were shown for illustration.


In the basic course "logistics", the students of the Master's programme are not only introduced to the scientific, but above all to the practical relevance of logistics as a cross-departmental and complex management discipline. The lecture by Michael Borowski gave the participants an exciting insight into applied logistics. The presentation focused on logistics processes in e-commerce. In the subsequent discussion round, of a slightly different kind, our divisional manager exchanged views with the participants on the complexity and different levels of logistics planning projects. The differences between strategically oriented projects, e.g. from the area of supply chain management or location strategy, and operationally oriented projects, such as implementation, were discussed.


The cooperation with the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, in detail with Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen, has already existed for several years. LOGSOL is very interested in giving students an understanding of the connection between theory and practice as well as various logistics projects and thus to inspire young people for logistics. For this reason alone, LOGSOL will be happy to pass on its practical experience in the future.


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