Tugger train planning in dynamic planning environments

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Tugger train planning in dynamic planning environments

Joint project with the TU Dresden enters the next round: "Innovative analytical planning methods for the design, implementation, planning and evaluation of tugger train systems" 


Tugger train systems for supplying production are still in high demand. The VDI 5586 guideline has already laid the foundation for the dimensioning of tugger train systems. Solid planning is therefore a prerequisite for the smooth operation of the technology. However, logistics planners are confronted with increasingly more complex questions when using this sort of transport concept, especially in an agile production environment. As a part of digitization, software tools are used to support planning. LOGSOL GmbH uses the "RoutMan®" software solution in its projects and also offers this for independent use by its customers. 


In order to provide the planner with the best possible support when designing a tugger train system, and in order to create new standards, the existing analytical approach was further developed with RoutMan®, in a research project by LOGSOL GmbH and TU Dresden (Chair of Technical Logistics and Work Systems), between 2016 and 2018. The aim of the ensuing research project is to investigate the effects of dynamic influencing variables, such as strongly fluctuating requirements and stochastic disturbance variables. Furthermore, a tractrix calculation and an ergonomics evaluation for tugger train systems are to be integrated as planning modules. This means that other important practical parameters can be taken into consideration, so that the dimensioned transport concept is suitable not only from the point of view of production supply, but also from the point of view of employees. In order to be able to evaluate various alternatives in addition to the tugger train, the existing decision-making support in the RoutMan® planning tool is to be extended by a business case calculation. 


After appropriate verification and validation, the research results are to be integrated directly into the RoutMan® algorithm as a prototype development during the current project, which is scheduled to run until June 2022. 


"We have already succeeded in integrating new innovative approaches into our RoutMan® planning tool in a previous research project with the TU Dresden. We are very pleased to be able to continue this now and to work on further exciting influencing parameters. We highly value the TU Dresden as a scientific project partner and also hope to be able to expand this partnership in future projects" 


David Wustmann, LOGSOL GmbH – Division Manager for Logistics Software  


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This project is funded by the European Union and the State of Saxony  




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