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Welcome to the team: L2S2

We recently welcomed a very special new LOGSOL member to our Dresden office: the Omron robot "LD-60". Our LOGSOLers have found a very individual name for our little mobile helper: "L2S2".


But what can our new helper do?

The LD-60 aka. L2S2 is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), which can be used in many ways in the field of logistics. AMRs are convincing due to their high flexibility as well as good scalability and are therefore very helpful especially in more extensive implementation projects. According to the manufacturer Omron, the robot increases productivity in manufacturing and warehouse processes enormously (https://industrial.omron.de/de/products/ld-60-90). Ways like transporting material from A to B are a thing of the past with the LD-60 and employees can focus on more complex tasks that require human skills.


At LOGSOL, the robot is mainly used for training purposes of colleagues. Autonomous robots are playing an increasingly important role for our customers. For LOGSOL GmbH it is of utmost importance to be up to date with the latest developments and thus to be able to offer our customers a wide range of know-how. Are you interested in the use of autonomous robots? Our LOGSOL experts will be happy to contact you and show you the advantages and benefits of mobile robots.


But also here in the office, our L2S2 will be given smaller tasks and thus facilitate some ways like bringing coffee to the place, fetching office supplies, collecting dirty dishes and driving to the kitchen. We are looking forward to our new helper!


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