Workshop @ LOGSOL: "Improving Cooperation and Communication in Agile Teams".

News and dates Workshop @ LOGSOL: "Improving Cooperation and Communication in Agile Teams".

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Workshop @ LOGSOL: "Improving Cooperation and Communication in Agile Teams".

**LOGSOL training for our logistics software colleagues**


In the last two days, the workshop topic "Improving cooperation and communication in agile teams" was on the agenda for our product managers and software developers at LOGSOL.


Led by HAUFE trainer Alexandra Wendorff, our software LOGSOL employees delved into the topics of self-organized and autonomous cooperation. These two points are particularly important in agile teams in order to be able to master any situation together. The workshop focuses on training special skills, learning typical pitfalls as well as the proven solution patterns for them. The training focuses particularly on the constructive attitude in dealing with recurring changes to product requirements.




These topics were part of the workshop: Agile attitude and mindset, self-organization and (self-)leadership in agile teams, and Agile meetings: retrospective, daily and co.


The feedback of our colleagues was consistently positive: "It was a very competent training, which supported us within our self-organized team to further deepen the trust in each other and to consciously recognize conflicts. The methods and tools conveyed are profitable aids for resolving these conflicts in a targeted manner in the future. Personally, I was able to recognize a lot of existing potential in our company and I am looking forward to continuing to successfully master the next tasks and conflicts together in our logistics software team." (David Mungay, LOGSOL Senior Product Manager)


We would like to thank Ms. Wendorff for the instructive and lively training days.





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