Potentials in the area of entrainment

RampMan ramp management Potentials in the area of entrainment

Potentials in the area of entrainment

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Efficient in the loading area

The loading area is characterised by high momentum and is therefore a frequent focal point in the logistics chain. There are repeatedly (unplanned) bottlenecks on the access roads, car parks, etc. This results in long standing and waiting times, combined with high productivity losses and costs for affected companies. Using a foresighted time frame management system, the ramp capacity utilisation can be presented, planned and managed transparently. Thus, waiting times before the actual loading processes – and associated standing fees – can be permanently reduced. Moreover, there is an improved flow of information between the forwarder and the recipient/sender. Another advantage lies in the uncovering and smoothing of capacity utilisation peaks and capacity bottlenecks. Better planability results not only with regard to ramp capacity utilisation, but also with regard to the connecting trips of the forwarding agencies.


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