Potentials of reusable containers

BinMan container management Potentials of reusable containers

BinMan container management

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Space-saving. Secure. Long-lasting.

Whether in the automotive industry, food retail, engineering or pharmaceutical logistics – where goods are moved and stored, reusable containers are an essential item. By using them, companies can demonstrably reduce their logistics costs, which would otherwise be incurred for large quantities of packaging waste, damaged cargo or arduous packing and unpacking processes. Another plus point of meshed containers, plastic containers, etc. is the considerable amount of space saved in contrast to disposable packaging. In the process, the various container types offer different options: while most plastic containers, for example, can simply be stacked, fold-up containers can be reduced in terms of their volume. Thus, empty boxes take up only a minimal amount of storage space.

Reusable containers – harness potential

As reusable containers are moved across the entire supply chain, companies with their own container pool repeatedly and unwantedly experience loss and damage. This results in avoidable and, above all, expensive new purchases. Only with a container management system can the potential of special loading equipment, plastic containers, meshed containers, etc. really be exploited. In such systems, important information such as the location or the condition of the container is available permanently, in real-time. Thus, a well-thought-out container management solution like BinMan ensures clear stock overviews across the entire supply chain.


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