Potentials of tugger train

RoutMan tugger train management Potentials of tugger train

Potentials of tugger train

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Reduce costs and increase security of supply.

Thanks to their major transportation capacity, tugger train systems contribute to increasing efficiency and offer considerable cost savings. In addition to improved security of supply, the advanced technology also enables optimal resource utilisation. Another advantage lies in the reduction and better structuring of the internal traffic volume, which, in turn, has a positive impact on security in the supply area. However, as much potential as tugger trains offer, their successful, smooth integration requires a solid planning basis. Here, it is necessary to pay attention to numerous technical possibilities and the various influential factors. Additionally, the tugger train system must be tailored to the layout conditions in the supply area.


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Harnessing the potential of tugger train systems in optimal fashion

 To dimension tugger train systems efficiently, LOGSOL uses the software tool RoutMan, which it developed itself, and also makes it available to the customers as part of an SaaS solution. Based on layout and material flow data, various scenarios are mapped in the tool that enable a comparison between the tugger train and industrial trucks. Using variable parameters, such as tour distance, driving speed and requirements, the tugger train can be checked for robustness in RoutMan and dimensioned accordingly. Optimising an existing system is significantly more challenging than well-thought-out new planning and can succeed only with the corresponding (tugger train) planning expertise. This is because it is necessary to prioritise the strong interactions between the individual optimisation objectives appropriately in order to weigh up the next steps correctly. LOGSOL supports the customers both in new planning and in possible optimisation challenges in an existing tugger train system.