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RampMan ramp management

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Hierarchical master data concept: global ramp configuration for the entire plant, for ramp groups or individually per ramp


Event-based information and notification system


Definition of various influencing factors in order to automatically (pre-)calculate the duration of a time slot, e.g. loading type, volumes, truck sizes etc.


Integrated time model/opening times: company holidays, public holidays, times, shift system, special opening times


Flexible time slot clocking: specified grid or variable start times, durations (intervals, minimum, maximum, fix, buffers, automatic calculation)


Editability: retroactive editing of a booking request based on of the booking horizon


Booking mode: single-stage/two-stage processes, automatic confirmation of booking requests after a determined period of time


Physical restrictions and special processes: truck types (mega-trailer, small truck 7.5 tons) loading types (FLT, LTL, general cargo, bulk cargo), special loads (foamed materials, hazardous materials)