RampMan – Features and benefits

RampMan ramp management RampMan – Features and benefits

RampMan – Features and benefits

Lean time slot booking as an alternative to yard management systems

In the loading zone, forwarding, shippers, collectors, and plant meet with their different interests, schedules, and sometimes short-notice changes in plan. While large forwarding agencies usually map their delivery traffic in complex yard management systems, businesses with a low or medium number of ramps sometimes still use clipboards and pens. This increases the risk of incorrect or double bookings.

Central Solution for Time Slot Booking


  • Already with a minimum number of ramps worthwhile
  • Uniform planning and booking of time slots
  • Fast loading and unloading/minimize waiting times and jams
  • No incorrect or double bookings
  • Booking compulsory for all integrated users
  • Smooth out load peaks
  • Demand-oriented allocation of user-access (including one-time logins)
  • Immediately ready/minimal training effort

“Thanks to the introduction of RampMan, we have reduced the standing times at our locations by up to 80 %.”nbsp] Company comepack


“Since the introduction of RampMan, we have raised our efficiency a great deal! Increased transparency combined with optimised planning result for us in numerous advantages in internal process stability as well as in supplier communication.”  Company RASTAL

RampMan - Functions

  • Hierarchical master data concept: global ramp configuration for the entire plant, for ramp groups or individually per ramp
  • Event-based information and notification system
  • Definition of various influencing factors in order to automatically (pre-)calculate the duration of a time slot, e.g. loading type, volumes, truck sizes etc.
  • Integrated time model (opening times): company holidays, public holidays, times, shift system, special opening times
  • Flexible time slot clocking: specified grid or variable start times, durations (intervals, minimum, maximum, fix, buffers, automatic calculation)
  • Editability: retroactive editing of a booking request based on of the booking horizon
  • Booking mode: single-stage/two-stage processes, automatic confirmation of booking requests after a determined period of time
  • Physical restrictions and special processes: truck types (mega-trailer, small truck 7.5 tons) loading types (FLT, LTL, general cargo, bulk cargo), special loads (foamed materials, hazardous materials)
  • Calendars with Drag&Drop functionality
  • Booking and administration of serial time slots
  • Needs-based allocation of user access (one-time access as well)

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