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DAF Trucks N.V.

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The customer

DAF Trucks is a Dutch manufacturer of light to heavy commercial vehicles, which belongs to the PACCAR Group - one of the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. The three model series (XF, CF, LF) of the company are individually tailored to customer requirements. DAF Trucks currently has over 9,000 employees at four locations worldwide. Most of these are located at the European sites Eindhoven (Netherlands), Westerlo (Belgium) and Leyland (UK). A fourth production site is located in South America (Ponta Grossa/Brazil).



DAF Trucks

Image: DAF Trucks N.V.

The project

The monitoring and controlling of returnable load carriers is getting increasingly important in production companies. LOGSOL was assigned to implement a company-wide container management system (CMS) at DAF Trucks with the aim of knowing where, how many and in what condition the company's returnable containers are located. During workshops lasting several days on site in Eindhoven, the headquarters of DAF Trucks, the customer's special requirements were defined together with LOGSOL's specialists. These are among others:


Dynamic minimum and maximum stock calculation based on historical values


Customer-specific outbound process incl.

  • Creation of transport orders in the CMS and automatic transmission of those to and confirmation by the DAF – transport management system (TMS) and
  • Mobile registration of empties transports via tablet directly during loading process


Customer-specific inbound process incl.

  • Complete integration of the BinMan into DAF Trucks' IT infrastructure for exchanging shipping notification data (ASN) and
  • Mobile registration of the delivered load carriers directly at the unloading ramps and direct comparison with announced load carrier types and quantities


The customization and implementation of the system at the locations were carried out in four steps within a project duration of only 10 months. With the support of LOGSOL, it was possible to standardize the different processes at the various production sites and almost completely digitalize them. The main focus is on the in-creased automation of booking processes, which are only checked and validated in the system by means of random spot checks by employees with mobile devices (tablets). In addition, the efficient management of supplying empties to suppliers using the pull principle was also a priority.


The results

With the initial go-live in step 1 at the end of 2016, the standard functions of the BinMan were successfully carried out at all locations of DAF Trucks. In step 2, the new outbound process was successfully implemented.


The digitalization of the processes was further advanced by the adapted inbound process in step 3 (also based on the use of tablets). In addition, the third implementation step included training of all DAF Trucks suppliers by LOGSOL project managers and specialists. Since the rollout of step 3, more than 500 suppliers are ordering their returnable load carriers from the Dutch commercial vehicle manufacturer via the LOGSOL container management software BinMan and are actively using the new system to record and check container movements.


The following milestones will focus on the customer-specific requirements for the complaint management process and the enhancement of the integrated evaluation tools and reports. This will make the management and administration of returnable containers at DAF Trucks even more efficient and better adapted to the customers individuality.




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