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Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne
Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne ppa.
Heads of logistics planning
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The Customer

ammon, an owner-operated wholesale company for window, door, and furniture fittings as well as security technology, is one of the leading companies in this branch. With their product ranges, ammon serves commercial customers in Franconia and Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony, Brandenburg and Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, Austria and beyond.

For more than 105 years, ammon has been offering its customers in the wood, plastic and metal processing trade unique services as well as perfect logistics.

Element retailers, assembly companies, construction planners, and safety officers also use the extensive range of assortments and services ammon is offering.


The Project

  • Analysis of current logistics processes
  • Data collection of previous warehouse structure and technology
  • Creation of future layout scenarios
  • Employee demand analysis with MTM for different scenarios
  • Evaluation of future investments for logistics infrastructure
  • Conversion of the preferred variant into CAD and coordination with the construction planners


The Results

  • Layout and material flow concept in coordination with building restrictions
  • Investment security for logistics


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