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Dealing responsibly with the natural resources of air and water is challenging for industrial firms around the world. To comply with the sometimes strict threshold values for a clean environment, special treatment systems are therefore required. A leading provider of such environmental technologies comes from Saxony’s state capital. From the headquarters in Dresden, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH supplies companies around the world with tailored turnkey and point-of-use solutions for wastewater treatment and waste gas disposal. At the site, the environmental experts develop and produce their trend-setting solutions according to high German industrial standards. The focus here is also on exploring novel technologies, such as an innovative process for reducing energy consumption and NOx. DAS’s international service and support takes place directly on site, via the branches in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Argentina, Peru and the USA.


Since opening the current headquarters, DAS has pursued continuous growth: having started with a used production surface of approximately 50% in 2008, the development quickly led to full capacity utilisation and resulted in 2016 in the newly constructed extension for power production. Currently, the production, logistics, innovation and administration areas in Dresden are distributed across a total area of 9,500 m². For the coming years, DAS forecasts further capacity increases and is already planning the next enlargement. This includes the integration of an innovation centre. LOGSOL supported the family-run company in the associated location design. The aim of the project was to determine the optimal area division, paying attention to the growth and innovation requirements. There were two basic approaches on offer for this: either expand the existing building or incorporate the adjacent, unused company plot. To clarify this matter, LOGSOL first took all the relevant customer data and analysed the processes on the location side as well as corresponding interfaces. Using the determined values, DAS’s workflow was reviewed, among other things. The next step in the project was the surface area projection. On the basis of this, LOGSOL developed various location scenarios and compared them as part of a utility analysis. What particularly convinced the customer here was the vivid presentation of important influential factors such as the transportation routes, building permits, production downtimes, expandability, environmental influences, etc. At the end of the project, DAS was able to make a well-founded decision for the Dresden location. The detailed layout produced by LOGSOL ultimately includes both the partial conversion of the existing building and the development of the adjacent plot.


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With the new location concept, DAS wants to strengthen its leading position on the global market further and is laying the foundation for effecting the determined surface area growth to ≈ 20,000 m² by 2030 and the capacity increase of +160% at the Dresden headquarters in optimal fashion.



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