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DEBAG –Deutsche Backofenbau GmbH


DEBAG is one of the global market leaders in furnace and baking technology. Founded in 1911, the company combines in its products innovative baking technology with over 100 years of experience in the baking industry. DEBAG’s products and services are now marketed to (industrial) bakeries, food retailers, and restaurants in over 32 countries.


In Bautzen, DEBAG Bautzen needed a suitable location concept for the planned product conversion to “DECON”, the latest generation of shop ovens. The biggest challenge is the limited space because the production of the existing product series “DILA” will be continued at the site for the time being and all existing assembly areas are working to capacity. Additionally, sales numbers are steadily rising.


LOGSOL supported DEBAG in layout planning and analyzed the space conditions as well as the number and structure of external warehouses in and around Bautzen. The first phase of the project was characterized by a comprehensive situation analysis. Assembly processes, storage conditions, and material flows were examined and transferred into a detailed quantity structure. Based on these findings, LOGSOL developed different location concepts in the second phase of the project, including manageable alterations in the existing factory hall, a completely new building, as well as an outsourcing concept. To assess the alternatives, LOGSOL used, among other methods, the specially developed BusinessCaseTool. At the end of the project, DEBAG received a well-founded decision basis for the new location strategy. In the final presentation, LOGSOL presented possible scenarios and their implementation periods, based on two different company orientations – with and without the expansion of the warehouse and production areas at the Bautzen site.




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„Yet again, LOGSOL accompanied DEBAG in the restructuring of the production and logistics processes. Based on the very good experience and results in the past, new solutions for the more effective design and implementation of the projects were found again. DEBAG is confident to be well positioned for the future. At the Bautzen site, the production launch of the new shop oven DECON is being prepared and more effective production processes for the deck baking oven HELIOS are implemented.”

Jost Straube · DEBAG Managing Director


As of 11 2017


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