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The customer

DREWAG Netz and ENSO Netz are energy suppliers for the Dresden region and also offer industry-specific material services, from procurement to central warehousing to disposal and distribution. Both warehouses in Dresden and Kesselsdorf house a complex range of materials from the areas of electricity, gas, water, remote heat and telecommunication. In order that the logistics function more efficiently in future, the warehouses are being merged in Kesselsdorf from 2017. Triggers for this included the “Nossen Bridge” construction project, due to which DREWAG’s Dresden location is confronted with heavy logistical restrictions.

The project

LOGSOL has supported DREWAG Netz and ENSO Netz in the warehouse centralisation since the end of 2015. In the first project section, feasibility with regard to investments, surface dimensioning, layout planning and equipment planning was first examined and verified. Next, LOGSOL examined the IT processes. In June, the concrete planning out of the warehouse was started, including subsequent support of implementation. Since then, LOGSOL has accompanied the tender and issue processes for the warehouse technology, as well as the detailed planning of the warehouse and the move planning. The current warehouses remain operable during the entire project.

The results

With the completion of the first section of the project, the feasibility of the warehouse centralisation was confirmed. At present, the detailed and execution planning is still in full flow. In 2017, the first sections of the building are being commissioned.

Tools & expertise

AutoCAD, BPMN 2.0, warehouse planning


LOGSOL departments


Material flow- and layout planning






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