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The Customer

Grohmann Logistik GmbH specialises in relocations for companies and authorities as well as logistics service providers in the automotive sector. In addition to over 100 years of company history, Grohmann has also been active as a contract logistics provider for over 20 years.


The Project

The plant, which is divided into two areas by a public road, manufactures transmission components and engines in several buildings. The respective plant halves were supplied by two different logistics service providers. Grohmann Logistik was responsible for the southern area. The buildings themselves were supplied by a third service provider. Within the scope of a new tender, a logistics company was to be found for the entire plant. Thus, the scope of the tender included the complete logistical processes for incoming goods, intermediate storage, supply of the production facilities and provision for onward transport.


The Execution

At the beginning of the project all processes according to the tender document were recorded, described and evaluated with MTM. In addition, the processes were presented in the form of pictograms of the individual steps. The determined standard processes were then assigned to the buildings or the individual components and, if necessary, adapted to the respective restrictions and parameters of the buildings. Product changes had to be taken into account during the planned performance phase. Based on the planned production figures, the total number of employees could be determined for each area of activity and building assignment. In addition, the required operating resources and costs were calculated. In order to correctly fill the price sheet required by the OEM, the determined employees and resources had to be allocated to the components manufactured in the buildings.After submission, the final offer was presented to the OEM's decision-making committee in a technical round. Before a final decision was made, the previous activities were also assessed and evaluated in an on-site assessment.


The Results

Within the scope of the technical rounds, the calculation and the logistics concept were validated and approved by the OEM.


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