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Efficiency at the ramp – Time slot management for any number of ramps



RASTAL is an in-demand partner of the national and international beverage industry, gastronomy, and retail industry, and has used the RampMan solution from LOGSOL since the end of 2017.


After LOGSOL GmbH configured the tool and implemented the initial master date during a brief implementation phase and a subsequent test phase, the software went into day-to-day operation at RASTAL GmbH & Co. KG. First used at the site in Höhr-Grenzhausen, RampMan is now also used at the second RASTAL site in Poland.


Thanks to the web-based technology, no software installation is neccessary to use RampMan and RampMan can be accessed via the internet by any party involved. Forwarding agencies can directly view the ramp assignment at the relevant RASTAL sit and book the desired time slot.

Due to the intuitive user interface and the multikingual features of the software, training the forwarders is not necessary. Reading the quick guide, which is sent to the forwarders when the software introduction is announced, is sufficient.

"Since the introduction of RampMAn we have been able to increase our efficiency many times over! The increased transparency combined with optimized planning result in numerous advantages in internal process stability, as well as in communication with our suppliers” says Nicolai Dortmann, head of SCM & Logistics at RASTAL.

The loading area is a common focal point in the supply chain. As each party, such as forwarding agents, shippers, or collectors, has different interests, it is crucial to have a central control tool to manage standstill and waiting times and the related costs.

While large companies manage their supply streams by using complex yard management systems, smaller companies often use manual or in-house solutions.

The use of non-centralized solutions often leads to overbooking of the ramps or long standstill and waiting times, as mentioned above.

The lean cloud solution “RampMan” pays off even for companies with a small number of ramps. With RampMan, time slots can be planned, booked, viewed, and, if necessary, re-scheduled centrally. The integrated booking calendar uses the predefined master data, such as process times, opening hours, ramp restrictions, etc., to automatically calculate a suitable time slot. With the data collected, workload spikes in the loading area can be detected and smoothed out.


RampMan Functions:

  • Planning and booking of time slots
  • Time tracking, including a mobile version
  • Booking of serial time slots
  • Assignment of on-time logins for “visiting forwarders”
  • Hierarchical master data concept: central, grouped or individual ramp configurations
  • Automated calculation of time slots using the predefined process times and values (type of load, quantity, truck sizes, etc.)
  • Integrated time model and opening hours (regarding shift system, special opening hours, etc.)
  • Flexible time slot clocking: predefined pattern or variable starting times, duration
  • Booking mode (single/two stage procedure)Physical boundaries for truck types, load types, special processes, and resources


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