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Cooper Standard

Cooper Standard

The Customer

Cooper Standard is one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of systems and components for the automotive industry. The product range comprises inter alia rubber and plastic seals, fuel and brake lines as well as anti-vibration systems. Currently, Cooper Standard has more than 30,000 employees in 20 countries – thereof about XXX employees are working in plant Vitré, France. The headquarters of Cooper Standard is in Michigan, USA.

The project

With the objective to increase the efficiency, Cooper Standard implements tugger train systems for their production feeding in all European plants. At our project start with the plant in Vitré, the implementation of the new technology has just started. The first route has been planned with help of various programmes, such as AutoCAD and MS Excel. For the further planning, the customer has searched for a software solution that consolidates results and assures a transparent and consistent data base. To identify optimization potential in the existing tugger train system, Cooper Standard Vitré needs an integrated function to model different scenarios. Since October 2016, LOGSOL assists Cooper Standard with the tugger train planning tool RoutMan for their implementation of the transport system. Within a two-day workshop including a user training, existing and new routes shall be modelled in RoutMan. Therefore, LOGSOL has been provided a practical example to introduce the software and to help the trainees to feel familiar with RoutMan. Subsequently, the trainees have been created their own projects in RoutMan and calculated individual scenarios, e.g. for proving route combinations and assigning new production areas to the line feeding with the tugger train.

The result

After the workshop, the responsible planners of Cooper Standard are able to use RoutMan on their own. As a result of the workshop, first optimization potential has been identified that will be proved in detail during the 12 months’ software usage.

Customer statement

“We spent two days of workshop with LOGSOL with using RoutMan software. During these two days, we could understand how RoutMan is working and the most important, what type of criteria is taken in account. Criteria that could easily influence the efficiency of our trains. At the same time, we could use RoutMan for existing cases (to check our choices done previously) and on future changes. Suggests we got from RoutMan seems interesting and pertinent. We have now some time in front of us to use RoutMan by ourselves and get the confirmation about our first feeling.”

Nicolas Peyrethon, Supply Chain Manager, Cooper Standard



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