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Dr. David Wustmann
Dr. David Wustmann ppa.
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Schnellecke Logistics AG & Co. KG

Schnellecke Logistics AG & Co. KG

The customer

Schnellecke is a global service provider in the automotive industry. More than 16,200 people are currently employed at 50 locations worldwide. Schnellecke develops tailor-made logistics solutions for their clients which may include transport and route planning, warehouse management, pre-assembly to sequential production of parts and container-compatible packaging. The Schnellecke Logistics AG & Co. KG, based in Wolfsburg, is responsible for the German market.

The project

Schnellecke was able to gain initial experience with RoutMan during analysis workshops. The focus was on the optimization and design of transport processes at two customers of Schnellecke Logistics. Various scenarios were created with the support of LOGSOL. On this basis, the need for a permanent use of the tool arose. In the course of a one-day training session at the Leipzig location, participants were introduced to the basic functions and possible applications of the RoutMan. On the basis of their own planning cases, the participants were able to carry out modeling in RoutMan using tips from the trainer.

The result

As a logistics service provider, Schnellecke Logistics uses the RoutMan tool to plan their clients' transport processes. Various scenarios are modelled and resources are planned. Within the framework of a 12-month SaaS, the knowledge acquired in the training course is applied and deepened. Optimization approaches can be identified and planned at an early stage. The tool can also be used to support tenders.


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