Transport Concept Planning with RoutMan – Features and benefits

RoutMan tugger train management Transport Concept Planning with RoutMan – Features and benefits

Transport Concept Planning with RoutMan – Features and benefits

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Transport Concept Planning with RoutMan

Creation of a roadmap for further developments/Modernization of internal transport concepts


Customized/Tailor-made concepts for your processes


Every transport concept has to be designed according to individual process requirements and also has to be economically efficient.Software-based transport concept planning with RoutMan can be used to realize comparative analyses within a very short time. Furthermore, it is possible to conduct technical analyses and derive possible optimization potentials.

Time saving potentials by software-based transport concept planning with RoutMan

RoutMan features

  • Comprehensive data base for technical devices (across all manufacturers)
  • Clear graphical and tabular display options
  • Visualization of (site) layouts and route network
  • Simple route creation* by drag and drop
  • Consideration of device-specific handling times (including MTM-components)
  • Demand calculation of required tugger trains
  • Structuring of the trailer concept
  • Calculation of KPIs (utilization, container per time unit, route length/time, handling ratio, route amount, etc.)
  • Comparative analysis of routes, trailer concepts and floor-based conveyor systems
  • Demand fluctuations, Tour start interval
  • Heatmap for the evaluation of traffic intensity


*In this case, routes represent groups of demands or demand positions, which can be transported together.

RoutMan benefits

  • Analytical tugger trains planning according to VDI 5586 > fast and simple in comparison to a complex simulation
  • Software-based generation of possible solution approaches for routes, trailer structure and transport system as well as layout
  • Robustness evaluation for the tugger train system (parameter intensity) in terms of demand fluctuation, blocked routes etc.
  • Fast KPI calculation in terms of utilization over time, route, frame utilization etc.
  • Standardized planning basis for all involved parties