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LOGSOLbewegt & Commitment

LOGSOL has been committed to environmental and animal protection for many years, supports various organizations benefiting children, promotes niche sports, and donates to charitable institutions.

Each year, a lump sum is donated to a carefully selected institution. The “LOGSOLbewegt” sports donation project has run a very successful employee-driven campaign since 2020. Throughout the year, our sporty employees collect sporting hours via the app, which are then converted into a monetary amount every quarter and donated to a charitable institution, association, or similar. Due to the increasing popularity and the enormous sporting enthusiasm of our team, LOGSOLbewegt has established itself as an integral part of our corporate philosophy.


Numerous sporting events and our monthly LOGSOLbewegt photographers have produced some great snapshots over the past few years. You can get an impression of this by checking out our gallery.

Donation recipients

We are very pleased to have been able to provide financial and material support to many institutions in recent years. Here we present a small selection of our donation recipients:

Year 2023


Herzenswünsche e.V.

The association, which operates throughout Germany, fulfills the long-cherished wishes of seriously ill children and adolescents, to give them a boost of courage, strength, and joy. Around 60 volunteers maintain close contact with parents, doctors, therapists, and of course the affected children themselves. Whether it’s a meeting with celebrities, a stay on a pony farm, a hot air balloon ride, or a special birthday party – every wish is individually realized with great dedication.


Children’s cancer ward at Jena University Hospital

In the children’s cancer ward at Jena University Hospital, children and adolescents with cancer receive psychosocial support from psychologists and social workers, are motivated to exercise by physiotherapists and, in special situations, are cared for by pediatric pain specialists and a children’s palliative care team. The nursing staff, who look after the children, adolescents, and sometimes young adults with empathy and attentiveness, are all experienced pediatric nurses who, together with the doctors, are always ready to listen to their concerns.

Uniklinik Jena
Gogelmosch e.V

Gogelmosch e.V.

The association Gogelmosch has set itself the task of creating a cheerful family-oriented consultation and meeting place for young and old through the house of the same name. The focus is on exchanging ideas, becoming active, and learning from each other.

Landestierschutzverein Sachsen

The Landestierschutzverein Sachsen is passionate about the rights and welfare of animals in the region. They accomplish this with work in a variety of areas, including animal rescue, shelter care, and education campaigns. Through their ongoing work, they help raise awareness of animal welfare issues and assist member associations in special emergencies.


Year 2022


The FIRST® LEGO® League is a worldwide STEM education program. Participating children and young people develop skills in research and robotics in a fun and challenging environment. Everyone can join in the excitement when the teams send out their robots to autonomously master tricky missions.


First Lego League Foto
BUND Dresden

BUND Dresden

BUND Dresden is committed to the preservation of our natural resources. They advocate for a Dresden that is in harmony with nature and also offers enough space for a satisfying and healthy lifestyle. Together with their fellow citizens, they want to discover and preserve the extraordinary natural landscape of the city of Dresden.

Verein Waldbrand Osterzgebirge

The images from Saxon Switzerland in 2022 were both frightening and sad. The vibrant forests with their unique flora and fauna have suffered massive damage. Firefighters have pushed themselves to their limits and often beyond. The main aim of the association is to ensure the preservation of Saxon Switzerland.

BUND Dresden Foto
Iris Schmidbauer Foto

Cliff diver Iris Schmidbauer

What distinguishes Iris Schmidbauer in her career as a cliff diver is the fact that she started this sport at the age of 19 without a background in competitive sports. Just five months after she started training regularly with cliff diving coaches, she competed in her first World Cup. She is now the best cliff diver in Germany, top ten in the world, and performs the most difficult jumps.

E-wheelchair football group from SV Motor Mickten e.V.

Powerchair football, power soccer, or e-wheelchair soccer, as it is also known in German-speaking countries, is a competitive team sport for people with disabilities who use a powered wheelchair. The game is played in a gym on a regular basketball court.


Verein Motor Mickten

Year 2021

HDK Pirna 2

Pirna Deaconry  – “Haus der Kinder”

Children and young people who, for various reasons, cannot or do not want to live with their families find a home in the Children’s House. In addition to residential care, Haus der Kinder also offers other services in the area of “educational support”.