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We are real characters and experts in our respective fields. When working with our customers and communicating externally, we confidently stand behind our expertise and can explain it in plain language.

We maintain a familiar and friendly atmosphere, discuss problems openly, and appreciate each other even in the context of criticism. As colleagues, we share an awareness of the need to act responsibly toward one another and our environment. To achieve this, we work together on an equal footing, which allows us to provide constructive feedback and work on a foundation of trust.

Your main contact persons


Division management

ppa. Michael Borowski

Head of Logistics and Factory Planning

+49 351 314423-210


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ppa. Martin Schöne

Head of Logistics and Factory Planning

+49 351 314423-220


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ppa. Dr. David Wustmann

Head of Logistics Software

+49 351 314423-500


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Corporate Service

Regina Thiele

Expert Financial Accountant

+49 351 314423-110