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The LOGSOL company

We are LOGSOL – a team of specialists with 360-degree expertise and an exceptional approach that combines logistics with factory planning and software development.

LOGSOL guiding principles

What we love: completely satisfied customers – as a result of the best possible solution and the elimination of superfluous trappings. Where others rely on off-the-shelf systems, we think outside the box.

We are visionaries

We work with tried-and-tested solutions and supplement them with our own new solutions as required. When the situation calls for it, we explore new, unconventional pathways – not just in terms of technical solutions, but also in the way we think and network. We remove complexity for our customers and provide a sense of simplicity. This sometimes means contradicting their preconceptions if it results in a better outcome for the customer.


We are movers and shakers

We are discerning advisors for our clients, acting in their interests and fostering long-term cooperation on an equal footing. We are experts in our field and act purposefully and decisively to seek quick, practical solutions for our customers. Thanks to our reputation for positivity and competence, we attract customers who trust us and are open to working collaboratively to develop solutions.

We are authentic

We are real characters and experts in our respective fields. When working with our customers and communicating externally, we confidently stand behind our expertise and can explain it in plain language. We maintain a familiar and friendly atmosphere, discuss problems openly, and appreciate each other even in the context of criticism. We share an awareness of the need to act responsibly toward one another and our environment.

Wir sind authentisch

LOGSOL portfolio

We develop solutions for logistics, factories, and production along the supply chain. Our team of experts supports you from the initial analysis through to the implementation of your logistics projects and challenges.

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    Success Stories

    For over 20 years, we have convinced our customers with unconventional ways of thinking, always with the customer in mind. We strive to strike a balance between ease of use and complexity. Read a selection of customer references to get a sense of our comprehensive experience.

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    More about us

    With our unique mindset and our expertise, we provide impetus to the industry and are considered THE problem solver and innovator.


    Our team

    With our unique mindset and our expertise, we provide impetus to the industry and are considered THE problem solver and innovator.



    LOGSOL is your nationwide and global partner for logistics software, logistics, and factory planning. We are available to you at a total of seven locations across Germany.



    Awards and partners

    Convince yourself of our professional competence and form a first impression of LOGSOL through our awards and certifications.

    LOGSOL-Awards & partners



    When the situation calls for it, we explore new, unconventional pathways – not just in terms of technical solutions, but also in the way we think and network. Find out more about our social commitment, partners, and memberships.


    Your career at LOGSOL

    LOGSOL is a great employer characterized by an outstanding team of employees. Each and every one of them contributes to the success and growth of our company with commitment, expertise and passion. It is a pleasure to be part of this inspiring work environment where collaboration, creativity and innovation are encouraged.
    Martin Schöne
    Head of Logistics and Factory Planning
    I really appreciate the collegial working atmosphere at LOGSOL. Together as a team, projects are mastered, challenges overcome, feedback given, and successes celebrated. And personal development is not neglected in the process.
    Franziska Krönlein
    Senior Product Manager
    For me, LOGSOL means being able to reconcile family and career with a high degree of flexibility – and to make the most of every day to improve a little as a team.
    Hendrik Geißler
    Principal Logistics and Factory Planner
    Happy employees make for happy companies – and vice versa. For me, the definition of "happiness" is when opportunity meets willingness. Among other things, LOGSOL offers the opportunity to take responsibility and continuously develop. Coupled with personal "feel good" factors such as independent goal achievement, this is what make the overall LOGSOL package so valuable to me.
    Dr. Sten Morawietz
    Senior Product Manager / Deputy Head of Logistics Software
    As part of the LOGSOL team, I'm very excited about theopportunity to develop both professionally and personally in a friendly environment.
    Julia Reinemann
    HR Business Partner Administration
    At LOGSOL, I was warmly welcomed as a female web developer in a male-dominated profession with absolutely no reservations. The technical equipment is top-notch and the flexible working hours make it easy to reconcile work and family life. I can contribute my own ideas at any time. I am particularly enthusiastic about the high level of appreciation you receive for the work you do. I've been given the opportunity to further my education and I'm now an instructor at LOGSOL.
    Katrein Vogt
    Senior Software Developer
    LOGSOL combines many advantages that an employer can offer its employees: First and foremost is the congenial atmosphere, both within the team and across teams, which doesn't stop at management. Above all, flexible working hours and self-organized work schedules help enormously to reconcile work and family life.
    Thomas Stöhr
    Product Owner / Senior Product Manager
    I really appreciate the friendly, collegial working atmosphere at LOGSOL. Regardless of your position, fair and appreciative interaction is always maintained. The flexible working hours also allow for an ideal balance of work and private life.
    Robert Kunz
    Product Owner / Senior Product Manager
    Working at LOGSOL is really pleasant and at the same time stimulating, in particular due to the young team and the exciting and varied projects. In addition to the daily work routine, there are also numerous company events every year, such as the summer party, the Christmas party, and sporting activities such as the adventure walk, the beach volleyball cup, and the company soccer cup.
    Bruno Nemitz
    Professional Logistics and Factory Planner