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Customized logistics planning: We design your logistics processes

In a constantly changing market environment, effective logistics planning is crucial to the success of your company. We stand for lean processes and technological innovations. As logistics planners, we have your goals in mind. Securing growth, reducing costs, dealing with demographic change, acting sustainably.



Discover the advantages of our logistics planning: Why LOGSOL is your perfect choice!

Our logistics planners offer you comprehensive industry expertise. From layout planning and material flow planning to the right storage and transportation technology, we take care of the entire warehouse planning for you. We are at your side from the initial idea to the stable implementation of the process and accompany you through all planning phases.


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Layout planning

  • Logistical functional concept: Identification of necessary areas and their functions
  • Plant structure: planning of superordinate building structures and traffic areas
  • Dimensioning: Calculation of storage zones and process areas for various equipment options
  • Layout: Material flow-oriented arrangement of areas and visualization

Process design

  • Process planning: Analysis of existing processes and modeling of ideal target processes
  • Integration of the information flow: Synchronizing the process requirements with the information flow
  • Operator concept: Calculation of employee requirements and derivation of further parameters for operation (e.g. team structures, shift models)

Material flow planning

  • Technology selection: Determining the optimum degree of automation based on the process requirements
  • Storage and transportation technology: planning storage and transportation systems including equipment
  • Workplace design: design of ergonomic workplaces, human-machine interaction

Warehouse automation

  • The right system: LOGSOL plans a customized system for you that takes into account your specific operational processes and goals
  • AutoStore™ planning expertise: As your experienced partner, we always keep an eye on timelines and costs during AutoStore™ planning
  • Holistic planning: We not only plan the AutoStore system, but also the seamless integration with existing or new warehouse systems and business processes

Lean management in logistics planning

  • Analysis of the initial situation focused on waste
  • Uncovering cost drivers/bottlenecks through value stream mapping
  • Consistent alignment of all processes with the customer cycle
  • Identification and prevention of risks using FMEA
  • Elimination of the causes of identified waste
  • Development of measures for standardization in order to sustainably secure what has been achieved
  • Creation of practical, value-adding processes without waste

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM®)

In logistics planning, we rely on the internationally popular MTM® method to analyze and optimize your logistics processes. With the help of a specially developed tool, various processes are depicted, scenarios described and evaluated in order to make time shares transparent.

The aim: to determine personnel requirements, improve workplace design, identify and avoid process weaknesses.

Our customers benefit from a number of positive effects as a result:



Uncovering waste


Optimization of workflows


Relief for employees


Increase in added value


Streamlining production

Logistics planning from LOGSOL with added value for your company

Expertise and experience

LOGSOL has already accompanied a large number of projects through to a successful start-up.

Vendor independence

We analyze vendor-independently and select the most suitable technology for you.

Individual and holistic solution

Our strength is the development of holistic concepts based on your goals.

Cost benefits

We work in a target-oriented manner using standards, templates, tools and lean processes in logistics planning.



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