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AutoStore – from planning to go-live with LOGSOL

Planning to move your warehouse from a manual standard to an automated future? LOGSOL is a certified AutoStore consultant and will provide you with professional support in the planning and implementation of your project.

Planning and realization by LOGSOL

There are many good reasons for LOGSOL to support your company in planning and implementing an AutoStore system:

Expertise and experience

We know the key parameters and pitfalls of an AutoStore project and can keep an eye on the technical content, timelines, and costs for you. LOGSOL is also an AutoStore-trained consultant, with experience in planning and implementing automated intralogistics warehouse systems.


Custom solutions

While AutoStore is a highly standardized logistics technology, it is in the details that the system can be perfectly tailored to your needs. LOGSOL plans a customized system for you that takes into account your specific operational processes and objectives.

Working with you toward realization

LOGSOL’s customers value the support provided throughout the planning and realization process – from the initial analyses, through planning and tendering, to implementation. Not only can we plan the AutoStore system itself, but we also coordinate its integration with other existing or new storage systems and business processes.

Cost advantages / tendering competition

AutoStore is distributed, implemented, and maintained by eight system integrators in the DACH market. When the AutoStore system is requested directly from the integrators, there are various price bases for an offer. This can lead to a situation where there is no competition in a tender and the integrators are unable to compete. Thanks to the consulting model that AutoStore has initiated through planners such as LOGSOL, there is only one price basis and LOGSOL ensures fair tendering competition for its own customers.

Provider independence

While the hardware is manufactured by AutoStore and is therefore almost identical from one integrator to the next, differences can be seen in the software and service. We identify and coordinate the ideal integrators for you and ensure comparable offers at all times.

Success stories

Would seeing a successful AutoStore project instill confidence in you? Get a first impression through our diverse references, and contact us. We would be happy to organize a reference project visit or meet you for an initial discussion at the LogiMAT 2024 in Hall 8 at the LOGSOL stand C12.

AutoStore alternatives

The answer to your challenges is not always AutoStore. LOGSOL has extensive technological expertise also in other technologies available on the market. These include static storage solutions as well as ASRS (automated storage and retrieval systems). LOGSOL presents you with suitable solutions and evaluates the most effective option for you.

What is AutoStore?

AutoStore is an automated storage and picking system. Over 1,400 AutoStore systems have been installed worldwide since market launch. An AutoStore system consists of five main components:


The AutoStore™ containers are stacked in the grid to save space. All goods are stored in these robust containers, which are available in three different heights. To organize several product categories in one container, it is possible to divide it into different compartments.


The aluminum frame is at the heart of the entire system. This not only forms the base frame for the bins, but also acts as a support for the guide rail for the robots. The only prerequisite for this is a level floor surface.


The AutoStore™ robots are extremely resilient. They move nimbly, pick up containers, and transport them to the respective workstations. These robots operate globally in both large and small teams. Their individual control ensures a high level of reliability, as there is no single point of failure.


The robots transport containers to the AutoStore system workstations, also known as ports. Orders are processed and stocks are replenished at these ports.


Traffic control. Inventory monitoring. Control center. The AutoStore™ controller always maintains an overview. It facilitates expanded access control for service personnel, as well as planning and scheduling tasks.

Together, these elements form a highly automated and efficient storage system that helps to optimize order processing in various industries. Depending on the requirements of the system, additional technology can be integrated, such as barcode and RFID scanners, picking robots, upstream carton erectors, and downstream packaging lines.

See one of our AutoStore reference projects for yourself!

Warehouse automation for the Simon Hegele company 


Why is AutoStore used?

AutoStore is used for various reasons in different industries and companies. Here are the key reasons that we advise companies to incorporate AutoStore as part of their warehouse and logistics strategy:

AutoStore automates storage and picking processes, resulting in significantly increased efficiency, as the goods-to-person principle eliminates walking distances.

The system facilitates high storage density and makes optimum use of the available space. The compact arrangement of storage containers in a three-dimensional grid enables companies to store more products in a smaller area. AutoStore can be flexibly integrated into existing halls and erected around columns, on mezzanines, or across several floors.

AutoStore robots move by means of intelligent control as a synchronized fleet on the grid. This leads to shorter throughput times and minimizes picking errors, as the robots work with great accuracy.

While the initial investment in an automated system can be high, it enables companies to save costs in the long term. Automation minimizes walking distances for warehouse staff, reduces errors, saves on costly warehouse space, and optimizes energy consumption.

AutoStore systems can be expanded as required for each component. The scalability of the system enables companies to keep pace with the growth of their activities without having to redesign the entire system.

In industries such as e-commerce, where fast deliveries and efficient order processing are crucial, AutoStore enables companies to generate decisive added value.

Where is AutoStore used?

AutoStore is revolutionizing warehouse and logistics processes in various industries worldwide. It ensures efficient storage and fast order processing, especially in e-commerce warehouses and distribution centers. Automated systems help to meet the high demands placed on logistics in online retail. In production supply, AutoStore plays a central role in the storage of raw materials, semi-finished products, and other materials required in the manufacture of end products. In the automotive industry, it enables the efficient storage and retrieval of spare parts. Even in the food industry, AutoStore proves its worth by efficiently handling products with a limited shelf life. AutoStore can be designed as a fully cooled system with temperatures as low as -25°C.

The versatility of AutoStore makes it an adaptive and powerful solution for a wide range of requirements.

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