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Material flow simulation

With particularly dynamic or complex material flows, analytical methods reach their limits. With a material flow simulation, we offer you a comprehensible representation of your complex processes, which serves as the basis for important investment decisions. Digital models and simulation software are used to simulate and examine the behavior and movement of your materials, goods or merchandise in a system.

Customized material flow simulation: Your project, our expertise


How LOGSOL optimizes your material flow

In material flow simulation, we visualize your logistics systems and fully map the production system. We use dynamic simulations to identify internal and external influences.

With our support, you receive a simulation model of your factory that helps you to save costs, shorten throughput times, increase productivity and flexibly adapt your production system to future requirements.

Procedure of a material flow simulation

Together with you, we define the specific objectives of the material flow simulation, determine the area under consideration and identify the relevant boundary conditions and restrictions

Relevant data sources are selected, the necessary input data is collected, processed and validated, and your current material flow is analyzed.

The appropriate simulation software is selected, a basic model of the system is created, important process parameters and resources are defined, the material flow logic is modeled and the simulation model is checked for plausibility.

Various simulation scenarios are developed, the simulation is prepared and started, the results are collected and the simulation process is monitored and controlled.

The data generated during the simulation is collected, compared with the targets, weak points and optimization potentials are identified and the effects of changes to individual parameters are analyzed

Improvement strategies are developed, tested in the simulation model, the optimization results are analyzed and the measures to be implemented are selected.

Your advantages of a material flow simulation

The advantage of material flow simulation is that influences and changes can be analyzed without interfering with ongoing production. We run through various production scenarios for you, evaluate them and check their effectiveness and feasibility before a new implementation.


Your ongoing operations are not disrupted


Material flow simulations are cost-effective


Reduction of throughput times


Visualization of your processes in 2D and 3D


Flexibility in adapting to changes

Increased efficiency

Through material flow simulation, bottlenecks and inefficient processes can be identified and eliminated, resulting in improved material flow speed.


Competitive advantage

After optimizing your material flow, you can react faster and more cost-effectively to market requirements, which gives you an advantage over the competition.

Employee productivity

Optimized processes reduce your workload and employee stress, which increases productivity and satisfaction.


Process optimization

Simulations make it possible to uncover and eliminate weak points in your material flow, which leads to a more efficient use of resources. Unnecessary costs can thus be avoided.