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Container management with BinMan®

Container management made easy – optimize your container management with BinMan® and benefit from its simple and precise application.

This is BinMan® – efficient container management

Whether the automotive industry, food trade, e-commerce, mechanical engineering, or pharmaceutical logistics – wherever goods are moved and stored, reusable containers are indispensable. By using them, companies can reduce their logistics costs, packaging waste, damage to transported goods, and costs for repackaging processes.

With an increasing number of reusable containers, effective management is necessary. This is where BinMan® comes in. Our container management software automates the processes. Conveniently track, locate, and manage your containers with a single tool.

The result? Your costs are considerably reduced and efficiency increased.


working with BinMan®


Tracked container types


where BinMan® is in use


Million bookings
per year

The range of functions extends from inventory management to ordering function, booking using dispatch scheduling to  detailed data analysis. Take a look at the application videos on analysis functions, booking reconciliation with OEM portals and the management of packaging data sheets/packaging regulations.

Download all the important information about BinMan® here.

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The advantages of BinMan® at a glance


Simple and transparent display of your bin inventories


Important information permanently available in real time


Flexible integration into your IT landscape, e.g. SAP link


Standard solution – can be customized to your needs


Integration of auto-ID technologies such as barcode and RFID


Standard solution – can be customized to your needs

DAF Trucks2

Integration of mobile data collection devices with BinMan®

Based on a specification workshop and the requirements communicated by DAF Trucks N.V., LOGSOL created a solution proposal for mapping all requirements in BinMan® 2.0. The customer's focus was particularly on the real-time tracking of individual containers and the integration of mobile data collection devices.
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Complaints process management in real time with BinMan®

[...] Creating clean bookings that are not disputed by the partner has almost become a sport for many. This is no coincidence, but is due to the special architecture of the system, which deliberately takes full advantage of the strengths of networked collaboration in the cloud.
Christian Kubiak
Project management, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
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Container monitoring with BinMan®

By using BinMan® and its various functions, we have been able to make the use and management of our containers much more effective and efficient. Our expectations have therefore been fully met; also with the certainty of having a partner who can react quickly to our individual requirements in the event of possible adjustments.
Sebastian Schmidt
Logistics Planner, Robert Bosch GmbH
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BinMan® App: KUIPERS technologies goes digital

The app works reliably on a day-to-day basis, is user-friendly and does exactly what we wanted as users. By reducing the app to the bare essentials, it is easy to use and can be communicated to every employee, which significantly speeds up day-to-day processing.
Michael Janssen
Head of Logistics/Disposition, KUIPERS technologies GmbH in Meppen
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Overview of the analysis functions

  • Full inventory overview as well as detailed booking history
  • Inventory analysis and rent report function
  • Automated sending of reports (account history report, KPI report etc.)

Booking reconciliation OEM portal

  • Automated account reconciliation with third-party portals
  • Supports various OEM and third-party portal account statements
  • Status tracking for complaints in third-party portals


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Management of packaging data sheets

  • Fully electronic creation, acceptance and signing of packing instructions
  • Permanent availability of documents
  • Status tracking during the creation and acceptance process




Bin control


Rental charges statement


Functions BinMan®

Flexible. Smart. Transparent – This is what makes our bin management software special:


  • Bin booking according to double-entry bookkeeping and complaint procedure
  • Empty goods management using ordering function and shipping calculation
  • Bin planning using loading lists and supplier calendar
  • Master data management of bin types and company accounts
  • Display of complex transport relationships (e.g., triangular transports)
  • Individual real-time inventory overviews (difference explanations, interactive maps, differentiation of inventory types, etc.)
  • Past-based range calculation
  • Rent calculation
  • Inventory processing with account partner

Analysis and evaluation

  • Management dashboard
  • Graphical and tabular inventory histories
  • Export functions for analyses and key figure reports (PDF, CSV, XLS)
  • Automatic notifications and reports
  • Document management/upload and organization of delivery notes, packaging data sheets, etc.
  • EDI interfaces to existing ERP systems (SAP/IDoc, VDA 4913, AVIEXP Odette, DESADV, etc.)
  • OEM portal link for automated booking reconciliation
  • Specific functions such as mobile HP (also for MDE devices) or native app for tablets (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Available in over 10 languages (including English, Chinese, German, Magyar)

Contact us now for a BinMan® consultation

I am at your disposal for any questions related to the software BinMan®!

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    Thomas Stöhr 
    Senior Product Manager

    +49 351 314423 506


    Frequently asked questions about the BinMan®

    • Increased inventory transparency through coordinated real-time inventories with all stakeholders
    • Improved container availability thanks to optimized container flows and demand-based supply of empty containers
    • Reduced spending on new acquisitions through verifiable reduction in container loss and damage
    • We’re happy to demonstrate in a no-obligation consultation how these benefits can be realized for your specific application. Please contact us at binman@logsol.de

    This largely depends on your requirements for a container management system. The BinMan® standard software can be made available to you one to two months after you place your order. The prerequisites for this are implementation as a stand-alone solution, as well as the complete and qualitatively flawless availability of all necessary master data, and the continuous availability of all necessary project participants. You should allow a little more time if specific software adaptations are necessary in the course of the software implementation. The exact duration depends on the number and complexity of your individual requirements.

    During software implementation you will be supported by an experienced product manager. Depending on your needs, your dedicated contact person will assist you with the requirements analysis, any software adaptations, employee training, and the software go-live. In addition, we fully configure the software for you based on your transmitted master data.

    To qualify subsequent end users, we apply the train-the-trainer concept. We train your key users and administrators in one or several training blocks on site or via web training in all the functionalities of your future solution. The goal is to ensure that these users have the most comprehensive knowledge possible for your future software solution, so that they can cover level-1 support at your company in future and so that additional users can be trained in-house. Furthermore, BinMan® has an intuitive multilingual user interface and integrated online help, which allows users to easily find their way around the software and look up the correct application independently. Customized training concepts can also be coordinated and implemented as required.

    We operate BinMan® as on-demand software using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, meaning local installation of the software is not required. BinMan® is accessed online via any popular browser and on all Internet-capable end devices. All users can access the software with their login data via a customer-specific domain.

    Since BinMan® is hosted by us as part of the SaaS model, there is no requirement to have your own web server. There are no explicit hardware requirements for end devices operating BinMan® (terminal PC, laptop, handheld scanner, smartphone, tablet). The end device must have an up-to-date browser and an Internet connection.

    We offer BinMan® as a hosted solution on dedicated servers in a German high-security data center with guaranteed server availability of 99.9% as an annual average. Data transmission is encrypted (SSL) and BinMan® is accessed exclusively via password-protected login. Automated backups of data protect you from data loss in the event of an emergency. With an ISO/IEC 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS) at both LOGSOL GmbH and the hosting service provider, we place great emphasis on the security of information, data, and systems.

    In principle, any other system can be connected to BinMan®. Ideally suited to this, from our point of view, are ERP or warehouse management systems in which container movements are already recorded, transport management systems that use the data from BinMan® shipment planning for further transport planning/optimization, or middleware automatic identification systems (GPS, RFID, UWB, etc.). Data can be exchanged bidirectionally between BinMan® and the other systems via the BinMan® API or customer-specific configured interfaces.

    The BinMan® software is continuously developed in terms of functionality and general technological and safety-related advancements. Enhancements and improvements are made available to our customers free of charge after an update has been scheduled. The impetus for functional optimizations and further developments mainly comes from our internally defined product roadmap.

    Your dedicated contact person is also available to answer any questions you may have after software implementation. In principle, our support team is available to all software users for technical and application-related questions in German, English, and Chinese. With the help of a ticket system, users record their concerns and are continuously informed about the processing status of the support ticket. The contractually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA) regulate the fast response times of our support team.

    BinMan® can be used across all industries. Its application can be useful for any company that either exchanges its own returnable load carriers with external exchange partners (suppliers, service providers, customers), or uses returnable loan goods from their own customers.

    We lease our software using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model and provide you BinMan® via the Internet for the agreed contract period (without limitation in terms of tracked packaging types, own company accounts, logins/users, etc.). For the use of BinMan® we charge you a monthly service fee per site1 including all user logins, time slot bookings, and server costs with 99.9% guaranteed server availability.

    Although we offer BinMan® as standardized software, the individual business cases are often customized, which is why we can’t make a blanket statement in advance about the expected costs for the implementation of BinMan®. We are happy to calculate a custom price indication for you. For this we only need the following information:

    At how many sites is the container management system to be implemented?

    • Approximately how many transactions² do you have per month per site1?
    • How many exchange partners³ will use the software in the future?
    • How is container management currently being implemented at your company? Have you already established a solution or is there currently no tracking of reusable packaging movements?

    We would be very happy to present BinMan® to you in a no-obligation consultation by means of a live demo. Please contact us at binman@logsol.de.