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KUIPERS technologies GmbH in Meppen

BinMan® App: KUIPERS technologies goes digital

Over four generations, KUIPERS technologies has developed from a pure craftsman's business into a high-tech company in the sheet metal processing sector. The traditional company with its headquarters in Meppen stands for continuous further development in the field of automation and digitalization.

BinMan®   Logistiksoftware  

The project


Production expansion = site expansion? This formula need not apply, as LOGSOL GmbH was able to demonstrate in the site planning project at Hitachi Astemo Europe Group in Roßwein (Saxony). The special feature of this project was that the production figures will triple over the next few years. This led to an increase in the production area within the existing building envelope, which inevitably reduced the logistical storage and process areas. LOGSOL was able to support this exciting project from the outset and developed a solution combining space consolidation through mechanization and outsourcing of defined volumes.

Minimization of fault locations using the BinMan® app


After years of manually managed processes in the area of load carrier tracking, KUIPERS technologies decided at the end of 2019 to introduce BinMan® for the seamless tracking of returnable containers. The problem of increased outstanding empties containers and a lack of availability of necessary containers should thus be a thing of the past. The digital real-time recording of the load carriers not only ensures complete transparency of all container flows and load carrier availability, but also maximizes the reduction of analog recording and counting efforts.


For KUIPERS, it quickly became clear that all necessary transactions should be booked directly on site to minimize errors and ensure seamless data and document availability. Together with LOGSOL GmbH, the decision was made to expand the existing possibilities of the desktop and scanner version with a mobile app in order to achieve the simplest possible way of booking on site. The holistic digitalization of the logistics processes for reusable container handling and the associated digital integration of all players with the help of the web-based BinMan® container management solution was achieved with the fully integrated BinMan® Android app.


The app works reliably on a day-to-day basis, is user-friendly and does exactly what we wanted as users. By reducing the app to the bare essentials, it is easy to use and can be communicated to every employee, which significantly speeds up day-to-day processing.

Michael Janssen,
Head of Logistics/Disposition, KUIPERS technologies GmbH

The implementation

Product development app

Based on the customer requirements of KUIPERS technologies and the experience of LOGSOL GmbH, the project went from the conceptualization of the product design to the final product – the new BinMan® app. It was clear that a simplified form of real-time load carrier recording and digitization support should be included.

The app’s range of functions includes core tasks

The new BinMan® app is not intended to replace the existing browser-based desktop and MDE versions, but to complement them efficiently. The app’s range of functions therefore covers all core tasks in operational container management:

  • Booking of planned load carrier transports at any time and any place
  • Real-time recording of incoming load carriers, even asynchronously without an existing internet connection, with subsequent synchronization of data between app & platform if necessary
  • Integrated digital signature for signature approval
  • Internal app file upload for attaching photos and documents

The results

Compared to conventional mobile booking options via online booking masks, the app offers the additional benefit of offline functionality for local data storage and subsequent booking. These aspects, as well as the comparatively simple further development of the app via Kotlin, also bring clear advantages in terms of future use. The current version has already impressed the customer KUIPERS technologies.

LOGSOL GmbH is pleased to welcome KUIPERS technologies as a future-oriented customer and to be able to further advance the digitization processes together.

David Mungay,
Senior Product Manager in the LOGSOL logistics software division

Has the goal already been reached?

The core functions for load carrier booking have currently been achieved. However, in the medium term, the app will be given additional functions for inventory counting and stock checks. Further optimizing our customers’ digital processes is a clear goal of product development.

BinMan® container management

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