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When working with our customers and communicating externally, we confidently stand behind our multi-disciplinary expertise. Our innovative team of specialists combines logistics and factory planning with software development in a unique way with their 360-degree expertise.

Engineering services

Our engineering services provide our customers with solutions tailored to their particular technical challenges. These include laser scanning, construction, 2D/3D planning, virtual engineering, simulation, building information modeling (BIM), and custom development of logistics software.

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PMO & project management

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We use agile, dynamic (SCRUM), and classic (IPMA) methods to ensure the success of your project. Our project managers are trained and certified in these methods. We are also certified as an “IPA-ready” company, a process for the cooperative and collaborative implementation of building construction and civil engineering projects.


In the realization phase, we bring your project to life! This includes, for example, procurement, IT integration, training, relocation, ramp-up management, controlling, and interim management. We have been successfully applying this realization experience over than 25 years.

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Digital transformation

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Digital transformation is much more than just the introduction of software and digital tools. We support you in the introduction of new technologies, automation of processes, introduction of big data and artificial intelligence, and the use of new digital products and services.

Data science

Industry 4.0, big data, data mining – what were just theories at conferences a few years ago have now found their application in our daily project routines. We combine different fields such as statistics, computer science, and machine learning to analyze data, identify patterns, and derive measures for your project.

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Research & development

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“The best way to predict the future is to shape it.” As expressed in this quote by Peter Drucker (economist), it’s our goal to help shape the logistics world of tomorrow. In addition to innovation management, we maintain close cooperation with universities and colleges and are involved in various committees.