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Site development and -strategy

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Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne
Michael Borowski and Martin Schöne ppa.
Heads of logistics planning
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Planning reliability for the development of locations

A location strategy focuses on cross-location or location-specific planning. Key aspects include location finding, construction of new buildings, reconstruction and relocation. Make-or-buy decisions are also a frequent component. In the project, LOGSOL conceives various scenarios on a cross-location basis, taking all the relevant parameters and factors into account. Cost drivers and quality advantages are made visible. On this basis, the optimal strategy for the customer can be derived.

LOGSOL expertise



  • Conceptual consideration of various scenarios and locations taking relevant location factors into account
  • Support in make-or-buy decision
  • Recognising cost/quality advantages
  • Location search
  • Tender management area

site planning

site planning