Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG: The press shop for tomorrow's vehicle body part production

News and dates Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG: The press shop for tomorrow's vehicle body part production

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Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG: The press shop for tomorrow's vehicle body part production

**Porsche AG and Schuler AG are opening the world's most modern press shop for vehicle body parts in May 2021**


Efficient, innovative, flexible - these are the characteristics of the new press shop at Star Park Halle. The Smart Press Shop (SPS) is a joint venture established by Porsche AG and Schuler AG. As a reliable partner, SPS is to be available not only to Porsche AG but also to all automobile manufacturers. Thanks to its lean and smart processes, SPS can adapt flexibly to the needs of individual customers; everything from small batch sizes to large series pressings can be offered. The focus is on the production of vehicle body parts in aluminum or steel as well as further processing into smaller batches with standard part and assembly scopes.

LOGSOL has been supporting Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co KG in the comprehensive planning and implementation of all logistics processes since the beginning of 2020. Our focus was on:


  • the concept and detailing phase,
  • technical support from the invitation to tender to the awarding of the contract, and
  • in the final realization and ramp-up support.

Already in the phase of concept development and subsequent detailing, the sub-goals defined with SPS were successfully implemented.


Definition and description of logistics processes including IT-supported processes.

Implementation of a final logistics layout from the rough concept phase to detailed planning.

Determine staff and technology needs for all logistics operations.

Preparation of tender documents for the planned logistics equipment.


The challenges in this phase were not only the integration of the load carriers in the blank storage area but also the enormous weight of these containers of up to 10 tons. Due to the long-term and smart way of thinking of SPS, the goal was to operate 100 % of the logistics vehicles with lithium-ion batteries within the stamping plant. For this purpose, different concepts as well as special heavy-duty vehicles in special vehicle construction were compared with each other.



In the two following project phases, LOGSOL supported not only the technical tendering of the logistics equipment, but also the entire awarding process. Our tasks also included the support of the ramp-up planning for the space allocation as well as the definition of the staff requirements. In the course of the ramp-up planning, several scenarios were defined at different points in time until 2023. The space allocations were adapted to the parallel running processes, from the pre-series start to the series process, of several production orders.


"We are happy to have been a part of the 'smart' development and wish Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co. KG a good start," Simone Holzmann, LOGSOL Principal and Project Manager in the PLC project.


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